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  • The Facts on Bipolar Disorder and FDA-Approved Treatments December 1, 2016
    Bipolar disorder is characterized by alternating periods of highs and lows--and it can feel like living life on a roller coaster. Proper diagnosis is important, and there are many medications approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that can help treat symptoms. […]
Nov 262016

Fidel Castro (August 13, 1926 – November 25, 2016) was born in Biran as the son of a wealthy farmer. He embraced leftist and anti-imperial politics while studying law at the University of Havana. He helped lead the overthrow of Batista in 1959. His revolutionary regime secured Cuba’s independence. He was the 17th President of Cuba. As leader of Cuba Castro converted Cuba into a one-party socialist state under Communist Party rule, with central economic planning, expanded healthcare, and expanded education.  The state reportedly controlled the press and the actively suppressed dissent. Fidel Castro supported anti-imperialist revolutionary groups. He was was decorated with international awards and was an identified champion of socialism and anti-imperialism. Through both thought as evidenced in his writings and action he appeared to have influence on politics throughout the world.

Fidel Castro appeared to have a relatively high level of intuition.


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