Donald Trump is able to expose problems in various places in the US due to his ability to pay for it

Yesterday, attorneys for Donald Trump asked U.S. District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan to disqualify herself from presiding over Trump’s federal election obstruction case. They cited previous statements she has made such as about the January 6 Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol in which people “were there in fealty, in loyalty, to one man — not to the Constitution,” Chutkan said at a hearing last October and added “It’s a blind loyalty to one person who, by the way, remains free to this day.

To be sure, the above is a Federal Criminal case. In a State Civil case, the eventual judge said at a pretrial hearing that the identified builder of the home “Pete Wing builds good homes”

I asked my then attorney to take the case out of County or at least get another judge. The attorney did eventually step down citing health reasons but did nothing to abide by my requests which I suspect may have contributed to his eventual step down. He apparently knew there would likely not be a fair trial.

The same judge chose to interrupt my true accurate and honest testimony during trial when I stated that there were numerous building code violations (that were identified at my home at 779 Garrison Road Ashtabula, Ohio).

My attorney did not seem to be working for my interests. The judge, identified as Gary L. Yost, did not recuse himself and he was clearly unfit to preside over the trial. If I had money at the time in 2008 I am certain things would have been different.

Donald Trump is able to expose the biases that others such as myself can not. He has the financial means to achieve such results. The United States has a great system of justice at the criminal and civil level it seems if you are flush with money. Others such as myself are dependent upon getting moral and ethical judges and attorneys; in Ashtabula County they seem abundant except when special interests such as construction industry workers and those entities with money such as Big Bad Banks as well as Ashtabula County workers who do inspections, for example, are involved. Moreover, Ashtabula County attorney arbitration judicial entities pushed extremely hard for arbitration resolution (saying negatively and angrily that I could not possibly get justice under the very judge they were serving and I should accept the arbitration and not go to trial) that the judge ordered while speaking to me and communicating with me disrespectfully. If accepted, the arbitration outcome is one that lawyers would have become financially enriched and having made decisions like they were actually engineers without any engineer paperwork about changes they were agreeing on/agreed upon. And there is nothing to ensure the same mistakes will not be made again since inspectors and engineers were not slated to check the end product. More blunders would have provided more work for the attorneys. And the building code violations were swept under the rug by many including judges by indemnifying County workers who become eventual scapegoats legally for the builder and banks in the identified example here of 779 Garrison Road Ashtabula, Ohio.

And when I went to have taxes reduced at the Auditors Office the circus continued….in which, for example, an expert witness from out of County who did an appraisal report included many false statements such as that all draws were signed by owners (court documents clearly show otherwise), the signed draws may have a bearing on the actual house appraisal for tax purposes, and the fact that he did not know what bank owners had allegedly signed all the draws from (then looked directly at the present Deputy Auditor and saying that he thought all the draws were signed). And the recording of the proceeding was compromised and and per the state the County Attorney had a speech impediment versus purposefully at times saying the names wrong at important questioning junctures. The Auditor’s Office apparently continued in many ways the initial immoral illegal and unethical injustice started by other Ashtabula County entities punctuated by the apparent obvious judicial corruption.

Such an Ashtabula County cesspool is difficult to write about for any length of time let alone live through. But Donald Trump is exposing at least some similar judicial incompetencies…and in doing so helps explain his polarizing popularity…in which many can relate to and wish that they could do what he actually does because of his money flush.

Louis DeCola Jr.

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