Oct 172011


The date was October 15, 2011. The author was near a Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial entrance in Washington, DC as members at the forefront of the “March For Jobs And Justice” walked past an entrance area. The author asked people nearby : “Where is this going to end ?” The author heard a woman’s voice whom he had never seen nor heard before this date say in a triumphant manner “Never!…Its not gonna end!…” The woman, who identified herself as “Veronica Session” from “Brooklyn, New York” permitted the author to photograph her for the expressed purpose of placing it with the above quote in The Hygiology Post. She asked if it could be added that she works as a “carpenter” because it might inspire other women. The Hygiology Post extends its thanks to Ms. Veronica Session, pictured below, from October 15, 2011 .




The Hygiology Post welcomes feedback from readers on all six parts of the series (individually and/or as a total package) upon completion of the series as to whether the articles help fulfill its vision and mission.

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