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Prescription #9  of “Some Prescriptions For Productive Goals” is : Consider voting for candidates (e.g., President of the United States) based upon levels of intuition in addition to other areas you believe deserve consideration (see “The Voter Scorecard”, Healthy Change : Part Five — Some Prescriptions For Productive Goals, #1 ). 

In “Healthy Change : Part One”, published June 29, 2011 in The Hygiology Post, the author placed his dissertation titled “The Relationship Between the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Strong-Campbell Interest Inventory”, copyrighted and originally published in 1992, online. On pages 195-196 of the aforementioned dissertation (information was referenced from Myers I.B. & McCaulley, M.H., 1985, “Manual : A guide to the development and use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.” Palo Alto, CA : Consulting Psychologists Press.) the author wrote : “Sensing and intuition are ways of becoming aware of things, people, events, or ideas, being attuned to the flow of events. Sensing is perception by the senses and establishes what exists. The focus is on what is presently happening and what is real. Persons oriented toward sensing often enjoy the present, are realistic, observe well with a good memory for details, and are practical. Intuition enables perception of possibilities, meanings, and relationships through insight. Intuitive perceptions can be hunches, creative discoveries, and seeing patterns among events, originating in the unconscious. Persons oriented toward intuition may neglect present reality, be imaginative, theoretical, abstract, future oriented, or creative.”  

It does appear that there is an ongoing need for quality people in elected leadership positions. “The Voter Scorecard” may assist you in voting behavior. If you decide that you want to consider level of Intuition (or, level of Sensation-Intuition), it could be written in as a Major Topic or Subtopic on “The Voter Scorecard.” Some individuals may choose to include level of Intuition/level of Sensation-Intuition as a Subtopic under “The Person” and others may choose to write it in under a separate Major Topic or Subtopic area. A mostly typewritten version of “The Voter Scorecard” that includes a handwritten “Glossary” (page 7 from the handwritten copy), copyright 1988, is presented below in a different  format than when presented previously in The Hygiology Post. As the author wrote on August 14, 2011 in The Hygiology Post : “At a time when people both within and outside of the United States increasingly seem to be aware of the crucial need for making good elected leadership choices the Zeitgeist does seem ripe for ways to make that happen. Without further ado, from the Spring of 1988, readers are presented with a prescription in ‘The Voter Scorecard.’ ”




The author plans to expound upon Prescription #9 (Prescription #9  of “Some Prescriptions For Productive Goals” is : Consider voting for candidates [e.g., President of The United States] based upon levels of intuition in addition to other areas you believe deserve consideration) with additional information in The Hygiology Post.  

The Hygiology Post welcomes feedback from readers on all six parts of the series (individually and/or as a total package) upon completion of the series as to whether the articles help fulfill its vision and mission.

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