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Jan 082012

Prescription #9  of “Some Prescriptions For Productive Goals” is : Consider voting for candidates (e.g., President of the United States) based upon levels of intuition in addition to other areas you believe deserve consideration (see “The Voter Scorecard”, Healthy Change : Part Five — Some Prescriptions For Productive Goals, #1 ). One goal is to increase the use and usefulness of The Voter Scorecard  © 1988, 2011 to obtain good election outcomes. Toward that end,  The Voter Scorecard © 1988, 2011 Scoring Version 1.0 on 2012 Presidential Candidates has been presented. Please note that the time period to receive free scoring report results on The Voter Scorecard © 1988, 2011 Scoring Version 1.0 on each of the eight 2012 Presidential Candidates currently included in the scoring system has been extended until the end of January 2012 and can be accessed from a link in the sidebar. The author plans to develop The Voter Scorecard © 1988, 2011 to enhance its use and usefulness as a method to obtain good election outcomes. Additional 2012 United States Presidential candidates may also be included. To help enhance the use and usefulness of The Voter Scorecard © 1988, 2011, a “Survey of The Voter Scorecard ©  1988, 2011 Scoring Version 1.0 On Eight 2012 US Presidential Candidates” consisting of five questions was also presented for all readers to complete and can also be accessed from a link in the sidebar as well as below. A summary of the results will be sent to the e-mail address you provide at the end of the survey free of charge.




According to Project Vote Smart (https://www.votesmart.org/candidate/biography/128775/buddy-roemer-iii; obtained on 1-8-12), Charles ‘Buddy’ Elson Roemer III was born 10/04/1943. Education was listed as : “MBA, Harvard Business School, 1967 BS, Harvard College, 1964”. Professional Experience identified was “Founder/Chief Executive Officer/President, Business First Bank Farmer”. Political Experience listed was :

“Governor, State of Louisiana, 1988-1992
Changed Political Party, from Democrat to Republican, March 1991
Representative, United States House of Representatives, 1980-1988
Delegate, Louisiana State Democratic Convention, 1979
Delegate, Democratic National Convention, 1972
Elected Delegate, Louisiana Constitutional Convention, 1972”.

Additional biographical information from Project Vote Smart obtained on 1-8-12 included that he is married and has three children. He is also on the ballot and running as a Republican for President in 2012.


File:Buddy Roemer by Gage Skidmore.jpg

This photo described as “Buddy Roemer at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana” on June 18, 2011 can reportedly be used if attribute author of the photograph as Gage Skidmore (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Buddy_Roemer_by_Gage_Skidmore.jpg; obtained on 01-09-12).


Buddy Roemer has been a governor and congressman. He has been identifying information and stating opinions that suggest that US Presidential Elections do appear to have layers of gateways to power one of which is media access. He has apparently concluded that he has been denied fair media access.

On Friday, January 6, 2012 he was on an MSNBC television broadcast and spoke to television host Rachel Maddow. He indicated that the rules of being allowed to participate in the 2012 GOP Presidential Debates had changed a few times and that the identified amended rules caused him to be excluded from the debates. He has reportedly yet to be allowed to participate in any of the 2012 GOP Presidential Debates.

This author was unable to find the transcripts on the MSNBC website of either the aforementioned MSNBC interview on 1-6-12 or the 1-8-12 interview identified below as of the date and time of writing this article so this author has relied upon some notes taken while watching the television broadcasts.

This morning, on an MSNBC television broadcast with host Alex Witt, 2012 GOP Presidential Candidate Buddy Roemer discussed his exclusion from the 2012 GOP Presidential Debates thus far and he said : “This is so arbitrary…I’m the only guy running who’s been a governor and a congressman. But this is not about me…it’s about a country in decline, unfairness, corruption and the lobbyists’ money that they all take…The only difference between the candidates on the stage today…is how many Super PACs they have…”

Mr. Roemer indicated that if elected he would limit the lobbyists’ influence in Washington. He also said : “You can’t do budget reform without dealing with earmarks the lobbyists get, you can’t do tax reform without dealing with tax loopholes for big corporations…Ask Obama how it is to be president. He is in gridlock…you know why? He doesn’t run the government, the lobbyists do.”

Mr Roemer also said : “You listen to these debates, it’s more of the same. Over and over and over…They won’t do any of those things. We’ll have another failed presidency. You know why? They’re all hooked by the lobbyists.”

The 2012 United States Presidential Candidates themselves or their representatives are each invited to comment, make  recommendations, and/or add to the information in The Hygiology Post. Also, all of the 2012 United States Presidential Candidates are invited to be interviewed (for almost any purpose and in basically any format they choose to be interviewed) by and write an article for publication in The Hygiology Post.

The author plans to expound upon Prescription #9 (Prescription #9  of “Some Prescriptions For Productive Goals” is : Consider voting for candidates [e.g., President of The United States] based upon levels of intuition in addition to other areas you believe deserve consideration) with additional information in The Hygiology Post.

The Hygiology Post welcomes feedback from readers on all six parts of the series (individually and/or as a total package) upon completion of the series as to whether the articles help fulfill its vision and mission.


Louis DeCola, Jr.                                               Copyright © 2012 The Hygiology Post

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