Aug 132012

The Hygiology Post is presenting information about a company that seems to have much potential to help many people. 2012 may be a pivotal year in determining how helpful the patented technologies may actually be for people.    

Senesco Technologies has continued to update information on its web site (; obtained on 8-13-12). As a matter of disclosure : The author continues to be a current shareholder in the company.


The Senesco Technologies web site (; obtained on 8-13-12) has posted relevant information about its research on agriculture. Here is an excerpt:

“Our research supports that eIF5A acts at a critical point in the process of cell death. We have shown that by modulating the expression of eIF5A we can increase plant size, increase seed yield, increase shelf life of perishable produce, increase growth rates and reduce the harmful effects of a wide variety of environmental stresses.

eIF5A has the following features:

• eIF5A genes are present in all plants, meaning there is no addition of foreign genetic material necessary to implement our technology;

• the activity of our technology is focused at the critical point after ripening but before senescence, meaning that taste, texture and other consumer traits which have been negatively affected by competing technologies will not be affected by the use of our technology;

• using our technology leads to a wide variety of beneficial traits;

• our technology is incorporated at the seed level, thereby avoiding the use of chemical applications to the final product, which will benefit the growers and consumers.”


Regarding shelf life (; obtained on 8-13-12) here is some useful information :

“Use of our technology has proven to be effective in extending the shelf life of perishable produce by delaying senescence. Use of our technology in bananas and tomato fruit show the direct impact of reducing natural senescence, which allows the product to have a much longer viable shelf life.”


Regarding seed yield (; obtained on 8-13-12) here is some useful information :

“The most important trait of large scale agronomic grains and cereals is their ability to produce seed. The seed is vital because it is eaten directly by humans, it is used as feed for livestock and it is the oil-bearing part of the plant. The farmers and companies who grow these crops attempt to maximize seed output because plants which yield more seed are more valuable.

The data…shows that our technology has the ability to significantly increase the amount of seed produced by a plant. By ensuring that the plant continues to grow, even while being stressed, we can maximize the ultimate output of the plant…our test plants which have respectively increased seed production by approximately 66% and 100%. 26 plants from each line were used to ensure statistical significance.”


Regarding increased biomass/growth rates (; obtained on 8-13-12) here is some useful information : 

“Overall plant size is an important trait in many commercial crops. Plants with larger leaves could be beneficial in all leafy vegetables, while trees that grow larger would certainly be more productive for the lumber and paper industries. Larger root systems allow plants to be more effective at nutrient and water uptake from the soil, thereby adding to their overall productivity.”

“By ensuring that a plant is not negatively impacted by the stresses constantly affecting it, we have shown that the plants not only grow larger but also more quickly. This could be commercially significant in a wide variety of crops which have limited growing seasons. Crops which grow more quickly will enable people to harvest their crops more quickly and with less risk of damage from the environment.”


Regarding resistance to Environment Stress (; obtained on 8-13-12) here is some useful information :

“Environmental stresses are the greatest threat to commercial agriculture. Chilling, drought, heat and soil salinity all contribute worldwide to losses of crops in the field. There is not a single crop that is immune to the negative effects of various environmental conditions. These stresses contribute directly to the kickstarting of senescence.  As we have reinforced throughout our discussion of our technology, we believe that we can impart a great deal of resistance to the senescence brought about by these harmful environmental conditions.”


The Hygiology Post welcomes feedback from readers as to whether the articles (individually and/or collectively) help fulfill its vision and mission.


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