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Aug 142011

Part Five presents “The Voter Scorecard”, first in a series of “Some Prescriptions For Productive Goals.” Although completed and copyrighted by the author over 23 years ago, it has never been shown to but a few people by the author prior to its publication today here in The Hygiology Post.

“The Voter Scorecard” — Prescription #1  of “Some Prescriptions For Productive Goals” — is presented below. “The Voter Scorecard” original typewritten copyrighted paper consisting of four pages, an envelop (postmarked May 23, 1988), contents of the envelop which consisted of seven pages of the original copyrighted handwritten paper, and a copyrighted notarized paper witnessed by the parents of the author are presented in PDF format. “The Voter Scorecard” was also characterized as an “invention” on the aforementioned notarized paper. Note that on the handwritten paper, on the top of page three began : “Sample Voter Scorecard Presidential Election: 1988”, there was a place for the “Picture” of the candidate (page three), and a “Glossary Of Terms” was included on the last page (in contrast to the typewritten copy completed afterward). There were other papers written in 1988 about “The Voter Scorecard” by the author to a couple of other people but these have not been published in part due to not having permission from the people whose names appear on the papers to publish the documents. The author corresponded with a few people at the time about potentially developing the idea further and eventually making it available to the public but the identified costs at the time (1988) were by far the most significant reason in not moving forward. The costs were why when it was typewritten the author chose to type : “Sample of The Voter Scorecard for Presidential Election : 1992” to allow for some time to develop the potential project. The Hygiology Post in 2011 has afforded this author such an opportunity to reach many people. However, placing any idea on the World Wide Web even though it is copyrighted apparently increases the probability that it could be utilized by someone else (in another country, for example) without properly crediting and fairly compensating the author. At a time when people both within and outside of the United States increasingly seem to be aware of the crucial need for making good elected leadership choices the Zeitgeist does seem ripe for ways to make that happen. Without further ado, from the Spring of 1988, readers are presented with a prescription in “The Voter Scorecard.”

Each of the copyrighted documents (by the author) can currently be purchased for one dollar (One USD). “The Voter Scorecard” typewritten copy consisting of four pages can currently be purchased. The purchaser could either keep or change on page three the following to make “The Voter Scorecard” applicable to their voting decision : The type of of election (e.g., United States Presidential or United States Presidential Primary), date of election (e.g., 2012) , and type of decision (e.g., Choosing a President) on the “Sample of The Voter Scorecard…” The purchaser could choose to define the terms they use (e.g., Terrorism) and in effect make their own “Glossary of Terms” on a separate sheet of paper as shown on the original handwritten copyrighted paper on page seven. If interested in purchasing a document, send an e-mail identifying its name to The Hygiology Post at info@hygiologypost.com to learn how to make the purchase.)

In response to questions from readers : All contents in The Hygiology Post are copyrighted. As such, please note that contents of The Hygiology Post, such as but not limited to written documents in The Hygiology Post, including the currently for sale documents, if purchased, may not be copied, reproduced, and/or stored in any way after obtaining the purchased copyrighted document sent by e-mail. The purchased copyrighted document may, at the option of the purchaser(s), be printed once for personal use by the purchaser(s). Any sale is intended for the sole private use of the purchaser(s) and may not be sold, transferred, or distributed without express written consent of the Author and The Hygiology Post. The letter, intent, and spirit of this paragraph as it applies to such matters as International, National, and/or State Law has been done to help protect the rights of any Authors who contribute to The Hygiology Post and the Hygiology Post itself and does appear fair and reasonable as it pertains to the contents of The Hygiology Post. At this time, the price of copyrighted documents has been set to cover costs of time in handling payments and sending the product to the purchaser via e-mail although the current price will not likely cover such costs.  

The Hygiology Post welcomes feedback from readers on all six parts of the series (individually and/or as a total package) upon completion of the series as to whether the articles help fulfill its vision and mission.

Louis DeCola, Jr.                                                 © 2011 The Hygiology Post


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