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Jul 212013

The Hygiology Post ® Author over 20 years predicted the slow participation decline of American Football due to identified direct and prevalent physical consequences. In fact, this same Author reasoned over 20 years ago that since it was so well known that such physical consequences ranging from head and knee injuries with lifetime consequences were so prevalent directly due to football participation that any minor should not be allowed to play the sport and football ought to be dropped from the sports curriculum in ages and grades through at least the high school level everywhere. The culture of such football based upon repeated and direct observation for over four decades by this Author at the high school, collegiate, and/or pro level has been one of coaches and players predominantly directly and/or indirectly often; promoting violence mixed with competition; promoting bullying/hazing behavior; and focusing on winning.       

The mainstream US media has apparently been increasingly addressing the topic of eradicating American Football in Schools. For example, today on the CNN Television Broadcast, Fareed Zakaria GPS, Malcolm Gladwell, ‘New Yorker’ staff writer and best-selling author of ‘The Tipping Point’ and ‘Outliers’ about American college football – discussed his opinion that football needs to be taken out of collegiate sports and how it can be accomplished. Here is an excerpt:

“In what way is dog fighting any different from football on a certain level, right? I mean you take a young, vulnerable dog who was made vulnerable because of his allegiance to the owner and you ask him to engage in serious sustained physical combat with another dog under the control of another owner, right?

Well, what’s football? We take young boys, essentially, and we have them repeatedly, over the course of the season, smash each other in the head, with known neurological consequences.

And why do they do that? Out of an allegiance to their owners and their coaches and a feeling they’re participating in some grand American spectacle.

They’re the same thing. And the idea that as a culture we would be absolutely quick and sure about coming to the moral boiling point over the notion that you would do this to dogs and yet completely blind to the notion you would do this to young men is, to my mind, astonishing.

I mean there’s a certain point where I just said, you know, we have to say enough is enough.”


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