Dean Ford passed on 12-31-2018

On 11-8-2018 The Hygiology Post  ® published the following:

A Masterpiece That Will As Time Goes By, Be increasingly Recognized As Such: “Dean Ford – Reflections of My Life – Produced by Joe Tansin”

Dean Ford was born Thomas McAleese on 9-5-1946. He is a singer and songwriter. He co-wrote “Reflections of My Life” with Junior Campbell. The song was released nearly 49 years ago on 11-14-1969 and  became a hit single for the Scottish Band Marmalade (see, for example; obtained on 11-8-2018).  The 1969 version was exquisite. In 2014 Dean Ford along with producer Joe Tansin produced a masterpiece for the ages (see, for example; obtained on 11-8-2018).”

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