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Sep 302020

Bernie Sanders must know how I felt as a high school (not college where I started Freshman year and batted cleanup and hit over 500 without ever striking out or making an error) student athlete sitting on the bench while baseball players played ahead of me who were much less able as a Freshman and Sophomore and beginning of my Junior Year.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden were minor leaguers compared to Bernie Sanders per my scouting report of the last night debate that took place in Cleveland. Both Trump and Biden likely could be very successful doing many things but it does not include being US President. Just as Michael Jordan could never be a decent major league league hitter due to low bat speed both Trump and Biden lack judgement to be President. Bernie has this essential quality to a very high burning degree and his supporters feel it and know it and predictably wish he had been on stage last night in Cleveland.

Unfortunately, the average person may have a difficult time making sense of the current political climate.

Escape from Freedom is a book by Erich Fromm that I first read over 40 years ago. Likewise, I also read The Authoritarian Personality by Adorno et al circa 1979. Both of these books may help people to understand rather quickly the current political climate well.

Joe Biden was on stage because of Bloomberg et al. Donald Trump was on stage due to policies favoring highly the rich and powerful. Bernie Sanders sits on the Senate Bench as the Nation missed an opportunity.

The Nation may not only turns its lonely eyes to Bernie instead of Joltin’ Joe but unfortunately will learn again that elections, choices have consequences. Adolph Hitler rose to power because he had the backing of many. George Bush 43 led us into the Iraq War. Bernie Sanders et al will have our backs as the earth heats up and the US heads towards an economic depression.

Bernie Sanders needs to be in the lineup. That is, if the best are not sitting on the bench. And, if mankind can live healthy. Hopefully, there will be enough judgment to go around.

Louis DeCola, Jr.  © 2020                                    The Hygiology Post ®

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