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Dec 192012

“A Call for More Effective Prevention of Violence” was published today, 12/19/12 (https://curry.virginia.edu/articles/sandyhookshooting; retrieved on 12-19-2012).

“In Response to the Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School Position Statement of the Interdisciplinary Group on Preventing School and Community Violence Endorsed by more than 100 organizations and more than 200 prevention scholars and practitioners”

Here is an excerpt :

“Research has established that continued exposure to media violence (e.g., TV, movies, video games) can increase the likelihood of physically and verbally aggressive behavior, aggressive thoughts, and aggressive emotions. Exposure to violence in the media can lead to (1) displacement of healthy activities, (2) modeling inappropriate behaviors, (3) disinhibition of socially proscribed behaviors, (4) desensitization to the harmful effects of violence, (5) aggressive arousal, and (6) association with a constellation of risk-taking behaviors. Taken together, this research speaks to a strong need to revise policies on youth exposure to violence in the media.

Finally, it is also important to acknowledge that access to guns plays an important role in many acts of serious violence in the United States. Multiple lines of research have demonstrated a clear connection between local availability of guns and gun-related violent behaviors, with estimates of close to 2 million children and adolescents having access at home to loaded, unlocked guns. Although guns are never the simple cause of a violent act, the availability of lethal weapons including assault type weapons to youth and adults with emotional disturbance and antisocial behavior poses a serious public health problem. Our political leaders need to find a reasonable and constitutional way to limit the widespread availability of guns to persons who are unwilling or unable to use them in a responsible, lawful manner.

In summary, we ask for a renewed nationwide effort to address the problem of mass shootings that have occurred repeatedly in our schools and communities. Now is the time for our political leaders to take meaningful action to address the need for improved mental health services and protection from gun violence. At the same time, concerned citizens in every community should engage in comprehensive planning and coordination to prevent violence in our schools and communities. These plans should include access to mental health services for youth and adults who are showing signs of psychological distress, including depression, anxiety, withdrawal, anger, and aggression as well as assistance for the families that support them. The bottom line is that we must all work together toward the common goal of keeping our schools and communities safe.”

Recent articles in The Hygiology Post ® have focused on the role of apparent powerful lobbyists and apparent ineffective collective US Leadership including US President Barack Obama, Jr. on the issue of Intensity of Violence Against People. Here is an excerpt :

“The frequency of violent behavior instances toward people such as what has reportedly transpired in Newtown, Connecticut days ago may not change with decreasing the legal manufacture and sale worldwide of certain weapons to the public. It does seem that ‘assault weapons’ such as the semi-automatic rifle with a magazine capacity to shoot 30 bullets reportedly used in the apparent Newtown, Connecticut Intense Violence Against People (mostly children in this instance) incident enable individuals to kill and injure many people in a short amount of time (Intensity of Violence Against People). Ceasing legal manufacture and sale of “assault weapons” in the US (And Elsewhere) to the public could reduce Intensity of Violence Against People.

The US President, Barack Obama, Jr.,  no doubt is aware that powerful lobbying by such groups as the National Rifle Association have been instrumental in legal manufacture of so called assault weapons. Such assault weapon availability does appear to be a principal reason for the continued Intensity of Violence Against People. The US Leadership, collectively, has not apparently opposed the strongest relevant lobbyists such as the National Rifle Association.

The US President, Barack Obama, Jr., apparently unfortunately has not made combatting either violence or poverty directly a priority; if he has this author has not been made aware of such a priority in the nearly past four years of his Presidency.”

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