Dec 132017

Geron presented at the American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting (see  ; obtained on 12-12-17). Here is an excerpt from the Press Release :

” ‘We and our partner are pleased to have this first presentation of data from IMerge displaying an 8-week transfusion independence rate of 54% among the subset of patients who were naïve to lenalidomide and HMAs and who lacked del(5q), which suggests that imetelstat could offer lower risk MDS patients a much-needed treatment option,’ said John A. Scarlett, M.D., Geron’s President and Chief Executive Officer. ‘In addition, the non-clinical data presentations continue to support the potential use of imetelstat in multiple hematologic malignancies. We continue to be encouraged by the consistent interest in imetelstat by collaborators around the world.’ ”

The author owns shares of Geron.

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