Jun 302019

 Just as The Stonewall Riots 50 Years Ago Inspired The LGBTQ Movement and took time to bear quality life enhancing progress, often times the media gets things wrong and their faulty analyses can take at least a few months to correct.

At the DNC debate Kamala Harris according to the mainstream media scored a debate win at the expense of Former Vice President Joe Biden.

I believe her behavior was short sighted and ultimately a losing formula. Apparently, she focused on her personal experience past and present. She focused on the past practice of busing. She focused on the past practice of working with identified segregationists.

What is her current view about busing? Does she now work with people she regards as racists in the government? Did she work with the Trump administration to pass comprehensive prison reform and does she regard Trump as a racist?

Unfortunately, for her, the “moment” will be shown to be at least an instance of hypocrisy and maybe showing outright selfishness.

She may have responded to justify critiquing days earlier over what she said was Biden’s “coddling” segregationists and missed her mark on stage.

No, Chris Matthews of MSNBC, a Star was Not Born. For the not so mighty Kamala struck out and her the days playing with the Mudville Ten may end come the end of Summer.

Joe Biden is a compromising yet viable choice. Kamala Harris may have even lost a VP consideration. Authentic candidates such as Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttugieg, Tulsi Gabbard, and Elizabeth Warren will be standing come Winter. Maybe Andrew Yang and Marianne Williamson will still be running. And, Bernie Sanders will be the winner this time. Mark this Post.



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