Apr 282014

The Hygiology Post ®  is presenting information about a company that seems to have much potential to help many people. The years 2012, 2013, and 2014 do appear to likely be pivotal years in determining how helpful the patented technologies may actually be for people. Senesco Technologies has continued to update information on its web site. As a matter of disclosure : The author continues to be a current shareholder in the company.

An article titled ”

Senesco Technologies, Inc. – ‘Reconsidering the Entire Cancer Treatment Approach’  (https://finance.yahoo.com/news/senesco-technologies-inc-reconsidering-entire-154500778.html; obtained on 4-23-2014)” on “Accesswire” dated   “A

pril 1, 2014 11:45 AM”   began the following way:

“BRIDGEWATER, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / April 1, 2014 / Senesco Technologies, Inc. (SNTI) today published a new blog post on The Chairman’s Blog, written by the Company’s President and CEO, Dr. Leslie J. Browne. TheChairmansBlog.com is an exclusive online media publication that enables key executive officers a unique platform to share insights about their company and industry trends.

In his new blog, Dr. Browne reflects on a new way of approaching cancer treatment. Rather than thinking of it as a disease that needs to be attacked, he suggests that cancer be thought of as ‘a native part of the body that simply has too much enthusiasm, too much growth, and needs to be ‘taught’ when and how to stop.’ Read the full blog post from Dr. Leslie Browne on TheChairmansBlog.com (https://www.thechairmansblog.com/senesco-technologies/leslie-browne/reconsidering-entire-cancer-treatment-approach/).”

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