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 “Feb. 12, 2014 11:22 AM ET  |  About: SNTI, Includes: AGEN by: Andreas Spiro

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The Fabrus-Senesco (OTCQB:SNTI) merger has been creating a lot of hype, primarily because of Dr. Phillip Frost’s position as Chariman of Fabrus, along with chairing Teva Pharmaceuticals (TEVA), Opko (OPK) and Frost Gamma Investments Trust. He is a bit of a busy man. Frost has a long record of achievements, but the involvement of even a particularly green thumb should not be the sole criterion for making investment decisions, nor does it need to be in the case of Senesco.

Fabrus and Frost together bring two critical additions to Senesco. The first is, of course, money, which Senseco has been chronically short on. In one fell swoop, Senesco has gone from a peewee biotech with less than a million dollars back in September on its latest balance sheet (not counting recent financings which I will get to later) to a powerhouse backed by giants. The second is technology. I believe that in a matter of months or perhaps even sooner, Senesco will announce a new series of clinical trials combining SNS01-T with Fabrus’s nanocage delivery system. Such an announcement could also have a fairly large positive effect on SNTI. We’ve seen an announcement of new clinical trials closely follow a merger just recently in the trial stage biotech world, an example I will get to shortly. First, a bit of background on Frost.”


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