Dec 302013

The Hygiology Post ®  is presenting information about a company that seems to have much potential to help many people. The years 2012, 2013, and 2014 do appear to likely be pivotal years in determining how helpful the patented technologies may actually be for people. Senesco Technologies has continued to update information on its web site. As a matter of disclosure : The author continues to be a current shareholder in the company.

An important article placed today on the Senesco Technologies web site (; obtained on 12-30-13) began the following way:


Senesco Announces Letter of Intent to Merge with Fabrus Phil Frost, Investor in Senesco and Fabrus, comments on Merger Plans

Bridgewater, NJ – (December 30, 2013) – Senesco Technologies, Inc. (‘Senesco’ or the ‘Company’) (OTCQB: SNTI), today announced that it has agreed to terms and executed a non-binding Letter of Intent to merge with Fabrus, Inc (‘Fabrus’), a privately-held, biotechnology company focused on expanding the clinical impact of antibodies by addressing drug targets resistant to traditional antibody discovery methods. Fabrus is committed to developing highly innovative treatments to impact multiple diseases. Its research and technology is published in the highly respected scientific journals Nature Biotechnology and Cell.

‘We are excited by the opportunity to expand our R&D portfolio with high quality technology and look forward to potentially advancing a series of monoclonal antibody-based therapeutic candidates that will address multiple diseases,’ stated Leslie J. Browne, Ph.D., President and CEO of Senesco. ‘Fabrus antibodies could complement our eIF5A gene regulatory platform, which has been shown to kill cancer cells, by directing nanoparticle-based therapeutics to the cells of interest.’

‘We are extremely impressed by potential advantages of Fabrus’ high throughput antibody screening and humanized cow antibodies,’ stated Harlan Waksal, M.D., Chairman of Senesco. ‘This merger is a great fit for both companies.’

Fabrus has two collaborations in place with large pharma and biotech companies to discover antibodies to their targets, and has an internal pipeline that includes next generation antibodies targeting renal cell carcinoma and inflammation. The company’s technology has been successful in generating antibodies against very difficult, therapeutically important cell surface receptors and ion channels.”


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