Oct 282018

Violence has unfortunately been part of the history of mankind.

Recently, there has per media been pipe bombs sent to many people including elected officials and an attack yesterday by a lone gunman on a Jewish Synogogue in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania causing 11 deaths at last count. It is important to try to eradicate threatened violence, attempted violence and violence in all forms against all people everywhere.

Has there been an increase in frequency and intensity of such behavior in the USA and if so, what are potential causes?

Is a part of the cause rooted in unequal wealth distribution as exemplified in who uses what health care and when in the USA?   Is part of the root cause the easy access to certain types of firearms? Do lobbyists play a role in some huge way? Or are there other/many other potential root causes? Likely, there are multi-determined variables that multivariately interact leaving the below average, average, and above average informed and/or intelligent people in a bind as to what to identify and what to do about such violence issues and when to do it.

The time is now. The Hygiology Post® has conservatively identified prescriptions for comprehensive healthy change in numerous previous articles.

What is your viewpoint? Have you spent enough time examining the variables and how they may all interact and come up with potential ways to effectuate healthy change and decrease violence in the USA and in the world?


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