Sep 032018

Jimmy Carter has been by far the best US President of my lifetime. For example, please see (obtained on 9-3-18) Titled “Jimmy Carter Hands John McCain His Ass”. He was dealt a bad hand in being president during the Iranian Hostage Crisis and 1979 oil crisis. He has per my research not initiated any type of physical conflict during his presidency. John McCain criticized President Carter and President Carter said “it was a compliment coming from a warmonger”. In so many ways he showed what a true humanitarian President can do: non interventionism peace including a Nobel Peace Prize. And, of course after his presidency he helped people in many parts of the world.

I am alive and hoping for someone to at least rival or better his Presidency. That person could sustain and enhance peace and human rights and eradicate poverty worldwide and initiate universal medicare as a start in the US.

The year was 1975. I was a Freshman in high school. In my assigned journal I recall predicting an Iowa Primary Win for the Governer of Georgia Jimmy Carter. A true commensurate rival President, like if Bernie Sanders was to become President, could cite at least one other fairly recent US President who helped in some meaningful manner to pave the way.



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