Aug 022018

Pope Francis does appear to have a relatively high amount of intuition; this has been stated numerous times through the years in The Hygiology Post®. Perhaps the Pope today identified one of the most important conclusions of his papacy. In “Letter to the Bishops regarding the new revision of number 2267 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church on the death penalty, from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, 02.08.2018”  (; obtained on 8-2-18) Pope Francis wrote (here is an excerpt):


“2. It is in the same light that one should understand the attitude towards the death penalty that is expressed ever more widely in the teaching of pastors and in the sensibility of the people of God. If, in fact, the political and social situation of the past made the death penalty an acceptable means for the protection of the common good, today the increasing understanding that the dignity of a person is not lost even after committing the most serious crimes, the deepened understanding of the significance of penal sanctions applied by the State, and the development of more efficacious detention systems that guarantee the due protection of citizens have given rise to a new awareness that recognizes the inadmissibility of the death penalty and, therefore, calling for its abolition.”

And of course there is the epistemological issue of actually knowing truth.

Numerous innocent people have been falsely imprisoned and sentenced to death as a matter of historical fact all over the world including the U.S. Moreover, legal systems especially in the U.S. are not constructed to find truth. The most influential positions are often political. Private prisons have apparently increased the abusive legal discretion of judges and others as detailed in previous articles. It seems that poverty is an important variable in the U.S. that leads to false imprisonment and being sentenced to death along with race (both variables, poverty and race are currently positively correlated in the U.S.). There may be additional important information but the point is that killing an innocent person is something that has been done as historical fact. Pope Francis has done much here to rectify sentencing actual innocent people to death and killing actual innocent people as well as those who are (legally) guilty.


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