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Apr 082020

Bernie Sanders addressed the people today and here are excerpts:

“Today I am suspending my campaign. But while the campaign ends, the struggle for justice continues on. ”

“It was not long ago that people considered these ideas radical and fringe. Today, they are mainstream ideas. Many of them are already being implemented in cities and states across the country.”

“The fight for justice remains what this movement is about…we must continue to assemble as many delegates as possible…I ran to accelerate and institutionalize…we will change this nation…and the entire world…Please stay in this fight with me…”

@AOC Tweeted today:

“Thank you Bernie – for doing your best to fight for all of us, from the beginning, for your entire life. Thank you for fighting hard, lonely fights in true devotion to a people’s movement in the United States. Thank you for your leadership, mentorship, and example. We love you. “

Joe Biden is the presumptive nominee. Bernie Sanders will likely push the party in healthy directions.

Bernie Sanders should (in my humble opinion) run as a third party candidate unless the Democratic Party gets healthier and finds its way back to Bernie Sanders. He has created a movement. “Come Home America” to a MUCH healthier Presidental Candidate in Bernie Sanders than Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Ralph Nader has indicated many times over many years that the two party system is a duopoly. Here’s looking at you Ralph, Bernie, Alexandria. Has the time come for a third party “movement” to emerge victorious in November?

Bernie 2020 Tweets Today:

The Hygiology Post ®@HygiologyPost·6hUnless the Democratic Party finds its way back to Bernie Sanders and nominates him Bernie Sanders should run as a third party candidate. Let us stay tuned as Bernie Sanders has the judgment and intuition that Joe Biden does not have to ultimately defeat Donald Trump.Quote Tweet

The Hygiology Post ®@HygiologyPost · 6hBernie Sanders is the leader of the progressive movement. Joe Biden can not win. Bernie Sanders can accelerate positive and healthy change by influencing Democratic Party policy & by running as a third party candidate. Bernie Sanders can win US Presidency. #Bernie20203rdPartyPres “

I believe that a Bernie Sanders third party run can and will accelerate and institutionalize the justice — racial, economic, environmental — that the movement so desires.

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