Oct 102016

There are several US Presidential candidates. This article will only examine four presidential candidates: Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton. Of these four, Jill Stein has the highest level of intuition followed by Johnson, Trump, and Clinton. (Please see previous articles about methodology used.) The candidates with the lowest levels of intuition on this ordinal scale had comparatively higher levels of the E Holland Code Type. As mentioned previously in many articles, Bernie Sanders has the highest level of intuition compared to Trump and Clinton; he also does does appear to have about the same relatively high level of intuition as Jill Stein. He lost the democratic nomination but not before it was revealed that the Democratic Party had engaged in some form of contemporary “dirty tricks” prompting the DRC chair to ultimately step down this summer.

The current presidential race does appear to underscore how people who are in positions of power can often sustain “power” through aggressive behavior toward others. In the case of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton they both apparently engaged in aggression towards women. In my experience I have witnessed such aggression in the context of sports teams and athletic gyms often. When I have stood up and defended women and men and indicated that such behavior (as Trump purportedly has done) was not acceptable in any way, unhealthy, and/or immoral I had become an object of disdain (as Clinton purportedly has done) while playing on a catholic high school baseball team in the 1970’s. I experienced negativity from teammates and unfair treatment by managers due to “not being liked by” a few of the most aggressive others on the team. A parent of mine asked a coach why I had not played after noticing the disparity between my ability (easily the upper 1% at this level) and playing time and was told that I was not liked by players but no explanation was given as to what I had done, ever. No specific behavior was identified, ever. Need I write more? I was well liked by peers and teachers in all areas except the sport of baseball  in high school where I had excelled the most, by far. Precisely because such and similar aggression existed so prominently in sports and other competitive areas I chose to exit competitive sports after the death of my grandfather in 1981 after lettering both of the years I played with excellent play my in sophomore and freshman years in college only to my immediate economic detriment as a baseball player with the skills (about the upper 1% overall at this skill level) to play professionally.


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