Nov 032020

Donald Trump will be elected to a second term. Here are some reasons:

  1. Opponents have been of poor quality and both Democratic Opponents (Clinton, Biden) voted for the Iraq War and demonstrated poor judgment.
  2. Low Taxes platform appeal leads to people (such as owners of the media) like Michael Bloomberg indicating that Bernie Sanders is a “Communist” without scrutiny and much monetary support. Bloomberg and Howard Schultz both considered running due to wanting to keep and enhance what they care about most. Schultz seemed to never declare a candidacy but CNN hosted an hour long Town Hall that cost him apparently nothing — free media time with actually being a declared candidate.

3. Pro Life Agenda appeals to many emotionally—especially authoritarian types.

4. Support for Conservative Israeli policies helps monetary support and enhanced favorable media coverage.

Had Bernie Sanders been the Democratic Nominee the outcome in 2016 and 2020 would have been different.

In 1995 Israel provided universal health insurance to all of its citizens. The only other developed country of world that did not after 1995 was the US. The US gives Israel billions in aid yearly. Please correct me if anything in this paragraph is not accurate. Does it make you wonder why such apparent facts are not discussed more?

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