Nov 092015


Senator Rand Paul critiqued two other presidential candidates yesterday on CNN’s show hosted by Jake Tapper called “State of the Union.” In response to a question about Hillary Clinton, Rand Paul said: “I see her as a neoconservative.” He went on to say: “I see her and Rubio as being the same person…They both wanted a no-fly zone. They both have supported activity in Libya — the war in Libya that toppled Gadhafi, an intervention that made us less safe…They both have supported pouring arms into the Syrian civil war, a mistake that I think allowed ISIS to grow stronger. And they both have supported the Iraq War. So I mean, what’s the difference?…I fault Hillary Clinton. I fault President Obama. But I also fault the neoconservatives within my party like Rubio who have been eager for war in Libya, in Syria, in Iraq, and they want a no-fly zone in an airspace where Russia is already flying,…It’s a foolhardy notion, and people really — this is the kind of stepping it up to a debate over who would best be commander in chief that we really need in our country,…”

Senator Paul sees common ground between these two candidates for president. Do they (Clinton and Rubio) each have common (ground) monetary backers?


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