Oct 272015

On The Rachel Maddow Show yesterday Bernie Sanders drew contrasts between himself and Hillary Clinton. Here is an excerpt of what he said:

“Yes, it is a good idea that recently for example Hillary Clinton has decided to oppose the TPP—Trans Pacific Partnership—that’s great, I’m glad she did that. Well, I have been opposed to these disastrous trade agreements from day one. I’m glad that Hillary Clinton has come onboard and now said she’s against the Keystone Pipeline. Well you know what? If you take climate change seriously, and you understand the cataclysmic impact that it will have on this planet, it is a no brainer…and then we get to this issue of DOMA. Here was my point, it was a simple point: I have had in many years in politics had to make tough votes…the times then were very, very different…we had a lot of homophobia going on, you know, right-wing Republican leadership clearly trying to push this anti-gay legislation. And it bothered me to hear Secretary Clinton say, well, you know, DOMA was really about to prevent something even worse. That just wasn’t true.”


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