Ashtabula Star Beacon and Ashtabula St. John High School Sports Mission Creep Originating in the 1970s That Is Less Likely To Originate in 2013 Due To Greater Transparency (Part Eight)

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Jun 012015

This article reiterates the last article and begins to identify what thoughts crossed the mind of this author on the night of June 1, 1978.

On June 1, 1978 the Ashtabula Star Beacon published an article titled “4 Streaks Honored All Star Team? Color It Blue“.

On June 1, 1978 while in Columbus this author was a player on the St. John Heralds Baseball Team asked the Head Coach of the Ashtabula St. John High School Baseball Team about why nobody on the team was selected to the NEC All Star Team. The only thing he said (even when asked additional questions by players that evening such as why he did not go to the meeting) was that he did not attend the meeting held to pick players and coaches.

This author does hypothesize that not wanting there to be transparency and/or shielding at least one player was the motive for the eventual fact that not one Ashtabula Saint John Herald Baseball Team person in 1978 was on the NEC Baseball All Star Team in any capacity in 1978. Had there been transparency The Ashtabula Saint John High School Baseball Team in 1978 would with very little doubt have had at least one player who would have been on the first team if not MVP of the NEC.

That evening (after having asked the Head Coach of the Ashtabula St. John High School Baseball Team about why nobody on the team was selected to the NEC All Star Team) on June 1, 1978 this author who was a player on the Team learned that the Head Coach of the St. John Heralds Baseball Team had selected who he was rooming with: The Equipment Manager. The equipment manager was a senior who was with the Team for four years as equipment manager. The fact that this author was not to room with another player seemed rather odd and was a departure from previous games for this author when the Team had stayed overnight. Previously this author had a choice with whom he had roomed with the night prior to the game. This author retired at about 9:30 P.M. At about 10:00 P.M. the Head coach came in the room and announced  that (another male Senior at St. John High School who was not on the baseball team) Chris, was also going to stay with the equipment manager and this author who was a player on the team. This author was especially perplexed when he, the Equipment Manager and the Head Baseball Coach took mattresses to the floor so each of us had a mattress bed to sleep.

This author said nothing at about 10:10 P.M. when the Head Baseball Coach had said none of the three of us was to leave the room for any reason that night. This author resumed trying to go to bed now for the second time with the mattress now on the floor between two non-playing high school seniors. June 1, 1978 was turning out to be unusual…

The mattress was now on the floor. This author found it uncomfortable to sleep on his stomach with the mattress now placed on the floor. This author was on his back between the two non-playing seniors. At about 10:55 P.M. on June 1, 1978 Chris decided to strike up a conversation with the Equipment Manager. After about 7 minutes this author politely asked them to stop talking. This author was reminded that the Coach had said that no one was to leave the room at this hour. This author was aware that by now many on the baseball team were either sleeping or in bed and by asking the coach to intervene would likely disturb someone’s sleep. Chris did the same thing, started talking to the Equipment manager, at about 11:35 P.M. This author now was rather upset having been kept from sleeping now twice due to conversation and this author explained the obvious that it was necessary to sleep to play well; the Team had also travelled over four hours by freeway from Ashtabula to Columbus earlier that day. When Chris started talking after midnight at about 12:50 A.M. The Equipment Manager did not join in this next time and seemed to only be listening by means of an occasional “uh huh”. This Author told them both to leave the room if they did not stop talking. Chris started talking again at about 1:35 A.M. This author told Chris to leave. Chris did not leave. He was quiet until about 2:45 A.M. when he tried to strike up a conversation with the Equipment Manager who did not reply at all. By now, this author was livid but had few options that he was aware of that could rectify the situation. Some time after 3:00 A.M. on June 2, 1978 this author fell asleep both upset and perplexed.

As this author saw something quite disturbing unfold that evening on June 1, 1978 and night and into the early morning on June 2, 1978 many thoughts crossed his mind.

*There was no telephone in the room. No information was given as to what to do in case of a problematic situation/emergency. How could this author best help himself; could he seek out help from someone who would indeed help ? What was the best thing to do to get sleep and keep the roommates from talking? How much sleep would he get (calculations were made at midnight and several times through 3:00 A.M. when the talking by Chris subsided) and how would it affect his play on June 2, 1978 ? Why was Chris continuing to talk even when asked many times to stop even when it was explained to him why it was important for this author to sleep. Why had the Head Coach engineered or at least allowed this pairing of roommates with this author ? What room was the Head Coach staying in and how could this author get there if this author decided to seek help from apparently the only adult that he knew that night who was in Columbus, Ohio ?

**This author had roomed with several of the payers on the team previously with no problems. There were several teammates with whom this author interacted excellently with so it could not apparently be that teammates did not choose to room with this author thereby forcing the coach in some manner into this situation of this author rooming with two non-players.

This author awoke with the rest of the Team hours later light by at least four hours of sleep having slept just less than four hours.

The current author, awakened by the 2008 article in the Ashtabula Star Beacon which is the genesis of this series of articles, is searching for answers to a several questions of what happened in 1978…and exposing hypotheses especially about what happened on the night of June 1 – June 2 1978 while in a designated room in Columbus, Ohio just prior to a State Of Ohio Class A Tournament Baseball Game. 


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