Apr 072015

An article posted today titled “Rand Paul’s campaign announcement began with this anti-Wall Street country song” on “Business Insider” “By Leslie Larson” (https://finance.yahoo.com/news/rand-pauls-campaign-announcement-began-160722457.html; obtained on 4-7-2015) began  the following way:

“Paul kicked off his campaign announcement on Tuesday with John Rich’s ‘Shuttin’ Detroit Down,’ a ballad about Big John, a blue collar employee at an auto factory who is laid off while financial institutions are bailed out by the government.

‘Cause in the real world they’re shutting Detroit down, while the boss man takes his bonus pay and jets on out of town and DC’s bailing out them bankers as the farmers auction ground,’ Rich sings in the tune.’Yeah while they’re living it up on Wall Street in that New York City town, Here in the real world they’re shuttin’ Detroit down.’ “


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