May 232014

The genesis of this series of articles in The Hygiology Post ® was an Ashtabula Star Beacon Sports Section article published in 2008 (; retrieved again 4-26-2014). This author saw the aforementioned published article in late 2011 by chance while surfing the internet. The article did not make sense on may levels.

The article included a name given to the author that was used in the sports section frequently in the 1970’s: “Lou DeCola”. It mentioned that another player on the high school baseball team that this author had played on had “…almost led his team to the Class A state championship that year.”

The aforementioned quote above did not and does not appear congruent with reality and/or published articles in the Ashtabula Star Beacon in 1978 regarding the Astabula St. John Heralds Baseball Team. For example, in the May 28, 1978 edition of the Ashtabula Star Beacon under “ST. JOHN WINS ‘A’ Regional”  (there is no internet link that can be given for this article or others in 1978 to the best of this author’s knowledge which could support the assertions of this author so excerpts will be given knowing well that printing the entire article would give better information but that may be unethical/illegal) : “…Lou DeCola added a three-run shot in the fifth for the Heralds…” and “…club was paced in the regional by DeCola, who was a combined six-for-six in wins over Windham and Richmond Hts.”

Had the content of the article published in 2008 been consistent with experiences detailed in Part Two of this series in The Hygiology Post ® the article referencing events of thirty years ago in the Ashtabula Star Beacon would have just passed. The article could not pass.

The Ashtabula Star Beacon Sports Editor was apprised in early 2012 that the content in the above article specifically regarding who had almost led his team to the Class A state Championship that year in 1978 was not consistent with previous content published in the Ashtabula Star Beacon in 1978 (even though box scores were not apparently published, detailed line scores like the Ashtabula Star Beacon currently shows routinely were apparently not published, and/or statistical leaders in High School Baseball like the Ashtabula Star Beacon currently shows routinely were apparently not published in 1978). The response to this author by the identified Ashtabula Star Beacon Sports Editor in early 2012 indicated that it had been determined there would not be a correction (even though such a correction was not asked for by this author) and this author was questioned during a telephone conversation as to why this author had waited so long to bring the matter to the attention of the Star Beacon.

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