May 012013

A recent article in NAPPP NATIONAL ALLIANCE of PROFESSIONAL PSYCHOLOGICAL PROVIDERS The Clinical Practitioner A Professional Association Representing the Interests of Psychology Doctors in the Health Care System May 2013 Volume 8 No. 3″ (; retrieved on 5-1-2013) titled “Gun Violence and Shameful Politics” By John Caccavale, Ph.D. represents a viewpoint apparently consistent with numerous previous articles published in The Hygiology Post ® including the basic tenets of “Six Part Series : Healthy Change” commenced in June 2011 in The Hygiology Post®.

Here is an excerpt :

“If only six of the senators from the states with the most gun violence voted in favor of background checks, an assault weapons ban and limits on the number of bullets that can be contained in a magazine clip – their constituents would live in a safer place and less likely to be killed or maimed. What’s so difficult about this?

This is why this is not a political issue or one of constitutional right, even though it is clear that one party seems more set on advocating that the best way to keep safe is for everyone to be armed. As a psychologist, this position is irrational and absolutely detached from the data about gun violence. The ten deadliest states are those where the possession of firearms is the highest. These are also states where their representatives argue that they are ‘pro life.’ As a practitioner I have seen my share of trauma resulting from violence. I’m sure that every practitioner has seen their share of this, too. Without reservation I can state that I am disgusted and disappointed that we have evolved into a political process where almost every politician can be bought and sold by lobbyists. Politics has become one of the fastest routes to reaping wealth. This is the variable that best explains why we are not able to control gun violence. Who are the people who are living in those states where politicians are so easily bought? Well, there are few options remaining. Right now the best option is to move.”

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