Nov 062012

CNN Senior Political Reporter Gloria Borger on 11-6-2012 at about 11:26 PM stated “This was a nasty election.” She soon afterward stated : “I’m not sure either of these candidates laid out a true vision.”

CNN had just moments before Projected that Barack Obama Jr. had been reelected President of the Uited States. The state of Ohio, where the mainstream presidential political candidates campaigns together had reportedly spent at least 130 million USD, was the identified state to put the Democratic Candidate over 270 electoral votes. It appeared that some time around 11:18 PM the mainstream media which included CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC had all Projected that President Obama had been re-elected.  

The Hygiology Post has offered a method to neutralize the so called nastiness of money corrupting the voting behavior process. Neither mainstream political candidate, President Barack Obama Jr. nor Mitt Romney, addressed poverty and/or hunger adequately (as identified or indicated in previous articles in The Hygiology Post). The Voter Scorecard © 1988, 2011 is an immediate solution to address money corrupting the voting behavior process.

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