Sep 052012

The Hygiology Post is presenting information about a company that seems to have much potential to help many people. 2012 may be a pivotal year in determining how helpful the patented technologies may actually be for people.    

Senesco Technologies has continued to update information on its web site (; obtained on 9-4-12). As a matter of disclosure : The author continues to be a current shareholder in the company.

Two days before the press release on 8/15/2012 in which “Senesco Announces that SNS01-T Showed Good Tolerability and Stable Disease in Newly Completed First Cohort of Phase 1b/2a Multiple Myeloma Trial Senesco Given the Green Light to Increase the Dose in Cohort 2” reported on previously in The Hygiology Post there was a non-clinical  animal study press release. Here is an excerpt (; obtained on 9-4-12) :   


Highly Statistically Significant Tumor Growth Inhibition by a Combination of Lenalidomide and SNS01-T in Cancer Model

No Tumor Regrowth 8 Weeks after End of Treatment

BRIDGEWATER, N.J. (August 13th, 2012) – Senesco Technologies, Inc. (‘Senesco’ or the ‘Company’) (NYSE MKT: SNT) announced today the results from the completed non-clinical study of SNS01-T in combination of lenalidomide in a model of multiple myeloma. Combining SNS01-T treatment with lenalidomide (the active ingredient in REVLIMID® marketed by Celgene Corporation) inhibits tumor growth more effectively than either drug alone. All mice treated with the combination survived over 100 days to the end of the study. Tumors were eradicated after a single 6-week cycle of the combination in two thirds of the animals, and there was no regrowth after an additional 8 weeks without further treatment.

‘Originally we observed that the optimal combination eliminated tumors in over 80% of the animals treated with SNS01-T and lenalidomide, but we wanted to see if the tumors would regrow after treatment was ended,’ said Leslie J. Browne, Ph.D., President and CEO of Senesco. Dr. Browne added, ‘We were pleased to see that there was no regrowth after 8 weeks without treatment in all but one of the mice that had undergone complete remission. The tumor that escaped remission responded to further treatment. SNS01-T with lenalidomide looks like a good combination for evaluation in clinical trials.’ ”

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