Apr 232020

About three weeks ago a lady who said she was a nurse came to the storefront where The Hygiology Post ® has had a recent presence in a Northeastern Ohio Mall where we sell a variety of things including books, CBD, jewelry (I am fond of telling people our jewelry fits into our theme since the jewelry is inexpensive mostly sterling silver jewelry where a couple recently got a wedding set for $42.50 including tax and did not need to take out a bank loan or adorn any blood/conflict diamonds), and a variety of other things such as a “Bernie 2020” T shirt. She said “I am offended by your Bernie T shirt because he’s a communist.” We spoke for a few minutes. She asked me why I had the shirt in my store. I pointed to the example of Alec Smith who had died after rationing insulin. She said he needed to work with his physician. I said that I am not saying he did not make mistakes but that if Bernie Sanders’ Medicare For All Bill was passed he would most likely be living. We briefly discussed the role of lobbying in the political process in America today especially in the health care arena. She said that the average physician gets just over twenty dollars for each medicare claim. I said that I do not object to physicians getting paid well but object to the intermediaries like the insurance companies making such huge profits on prices of things that go down when you cross the border into Canada just miles away via Lake Erie. Insulin recently had been priced about one tenth of what it costs in the US.

We had a cordial conversation. She said that she was not offended by the T shirt: “I never was offended by the T shirt but, wanted to hear what you would say.” She left and said to me as she was leaving “What is the solution? We can talk about that next time.”

I could tell her to read “Holland’s Theory: Strengthening It” otherwise known as “A theory of Social Change” written originally in 1985 and published several years ago in The Hygiology Post® . Or, I could tell her the simplest beginning solution: Say what you really mean.

Time is so important. I recently heard that Harvard received stimulus money and was being urged to give it back. The Hygiology Post® is still waiting.

At least for now, honestly.

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