Mar 222020

Here are two web sites to go to for coronavirus disease information (content republished from last month and earlier this month): The World Health Organization (WHO) “Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public” (; obtained on 2-28-2020) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (; obtained on 2-28-2020).

Bernie Sanders needs to stay in the Democratic Party Race through the convention and win the nomination:

  1. Bernie Sanders, alone among Joe Biden and Donald Trump, has the essential personal qualities to be a great US President. He is intelligent (greater level of intelligence than either Biden or Trump), shows consistent great judgment as evidenced in his identified policies and voting record, and has a relatively high degree of intuition.
  2. Joe Biden has poor judgment. His voting record such as voting for the Iraq War Resolution exemplifies poor judment.
  3. Information out of the Ukraine may be forthcoming further showing Joe Biden’s poor judgment.
  4. Joe Biden appears to be declining cognitively.
  5. The World deserves and needs a Great American President to humanely tackle monumental health and environmental exigencies.

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