Jun 292011

The Hygiology Post begins a six part series. Each of the copyrighted documents can currently be purchased for one dollar (One USD) beginning with the Dissertation. If interested in purchasing a document, send an e-mail identifying its name to The Hygiology Post at info@hygiologypost.com to learn how to make the purchase.

Part One begins with the Dissertation : “The Relationship Between The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and The Strong-Campbell Interest Inventory.” The research idea originally came from a paper written by the author in 1986, “Holland’s Theory: Strengthening It.” This Dissertation represents one piece of research that supports the paper. There is additional recent research which also supports the paper such as research using the 16PF (a test which is a scientific measure of normal personality).

The Dissertation was edited by Dissertation Committee Members.  The author, for example, had wanted to only do multivariate analyses. Much information was placed into the Dissertation at the behest of committee members and much information that the author submitted never found its way into the Dissertation.

The reader is asked to note the following information on congruence and multivariate analysis results in the Dissertation:

1. “Congruence is the degree to which there is a match between a personality type and environment. If opportunities and rewards in an environment do not correspond to the preferences and abilities of the person, incongruence occurs (e.g., an Investigative type in an Enterprising environment)…congruence between personality and work environment determines achievement, stability, and vocational satisfaction” (pages 12-13).

2.  The Canonical Correlation Analysis Summary results on page 157 included : “The results indicated that Intuition was consistently and positively associated with A and I Holland codes and negatively associated with the C Holland code.”  (Content in parentheses was omitted.)

3. The Q-factor Analysis Summary results on pages 167-168 included : “High MBTI Intuition scores were positively associated with Investigative and Artistic and lowest on Enterprising and Conventional codes.”

The Dissertation can be read below.

The Hygiology Post welcomes feedback from readers on all six parts of the series (individually and/or as a total package) upon completion of the series as to whether the articles help fulfill its vision and mission.

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