The Voter Scorecard Copyright © 1988 Louis DeCola, Jr. All Rights Reserved



The Voter Scorecard            Copyright  © 1988 Louis DeCola, Jr. All Rights Reserved

A Rational Decision-Making Method

Voting behavior is important in a democracy. The Voter Scorecard can help you make voting decisions. It can help you develop a type of rational decision-making skill. The Voter Scorecard could help to ensure that you fully consider issues you consider important. The Voter scorecard process could be compared to the present process by which you make voting decisions.

The Voter Scorecard could be used for any voting situation, from voting on a single issue, choosing among presidential candidates, or electing a high school student council representative. A representative of people (e.g., U.S. House Representative) could even show constituents how (s)he voted by showing them her/his Voter Scorecard. The Voter Scorecard could provide an explicit basis as to how the representative made a decision and facilitate, in turn, voting for the representative by her/his constituents.

People may wish to discuss the basis of their decisions with others. In fact, The Voter Scorecard tells something about the personality of the scorer. A candidate could be assessed at different time intervals to look at changes (in the scorer or candidate). Even past office holders can be assessed. The Voter Scorecard could thus have practical, educational, and entertainment value.

Directions For Use Of The Voter Scorecard : 5 Steps

WARNING TO THE UNINITIATED : This could take some thought.

1. Listed below are several categories to consider. Major Topics are in boxes and listed below are subtopics. If a topic or subtopic is unimportant, cross it out. If you believe that important major topics and/or subtopics have not been listed write in topics and/or subtopics that you believe consideration.

2. Weight each subtopic relative to every other subtopic. For example, if all categories are equal, weight the categories a “1”. If a category such as leadership is twice as important to you as intelligence, weight leadership with a number that is twice as large as intelligence. (Suggestion : Rank all subtopics from least to most important, giving the least important subtopic(s) a numerical rating of one and more important subtopics higher relative numbers.)

3. Score each subtopic using same numerical rating scale. A possible scale to use is provided. Be certain to use the numerical scale  as you do each Voter Scorecard so comparisons can be done easily.

4. Multiply weighted values by scores to get subtotals. Add up subtotals within each major topic area. Then add totals of all categories to get a grand total.

5. Compare grand totals of candidates. The candidate with the highest score would receive your vote according to the Voter Scorecard Decision-Making Method of Voting. Candidates or issues can be additionally compared across major topic areas (e.g.,  “Foreign”) or subtopic areas (e.g., “education).

Suggested Scoring

One method of scoring The Voter Scorecard is given below. If you find that you have difficulties scoring or did not have an opinion, you may wish to find out more relevant information so you can either form an opinion or come to firmer conclusions.

Select the appropriate number to end the sentence :

Regarding this aspect of the candidate/issue, I :








The Voter Scorecard for ___________________________

Decision : ______________________________________

Candidate/ Issue: ________________________________  Picture of Candidate

Areas To Consider            Weighting : Relative Importance            Score            Subtotals


[Foreign:    ]   ____________________________________________________________

Trade           ____________________________________________________________

Defense      ____________________________________________________________

Terrorism ____________________________________________________________

Sanctions ____________________________________________________________

Drugs        ____________________________________________________________



Foreign Subtotal :______

[Domestic:    ] __________________________________________________________

Taxes           __________________________________________________________

Energy        __________________________________________________________

Budget Deficit _______________________________________________________

Education __________________________________________________________

Environment ________________________________________________________

Health _____________________________________________________________

Jobs _______________________________________________________________

Welfare _____________________________________________________________

Urban Policy _________________________________________________________

Wages ______________________________________________________________

Law & Order _________________________________________________________

Drugs ______________________________________________________________

Abortion ___________________________________________________________



Domestic Subtotal : ______

[The Person (if examining candidate versus an issue) :    ] _________________________

Reliability ___________________________________________________________

Stability _____________________________________________________________

Honesty _____________________________________________________________

Intelligence __________________________________________________________

Judgement ___________________________________________________________

Insight ______________________________________________________________

Creativity ____________________________________________________________

Leadership ___________________________________________________________

Past Record __________________________________________________________



The Person Subtotal______

[Write-In Major Topic:_______    ] ___________________________________________



Write-In Subtotal : _______

[Write-In Major Topic:_______    ] ____________________________________________



Write-In Subtotal:_________

Grand Total :[______]






The Voter Scorecard

Copyright  ©  1988 Louis DeCola, Jr. All Rights Reserved


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